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Has anyone tried these things yet?

They’re called Poach Pods. Love the name, but am mildly hesitant as I haven’t worked much with silicone cookware in the past. For $8 a pair, though, I may be willing to give it a try. Basically, you have a pot or saucepan of water simmering, you crack the egg into the pod, float the pod in the water, and put a lid over the pot/pan. If you oil/butter the silicone, you can pop the egg right out once it’s done. It’d be nice to be able to poach more than one egg at a time, rather than having to transfer to warm water after cooking and replacing the murky water so I can see the damn things. Of course, the inherent problem with this method is its ease — I’ll eat too many eggs and poison my body with delicious cholesterol.

I was led to these goofy contraptions while looking for alternatives to aluminum cookware. Jake’s been nervous about some studies suggesting that the aluminum in the cookware can seep into food and, over time, may contribute to cancer. I have the knee-jerk reaction of, “Doesn’t everything cause cancer?”, but as a dear relative of his battled a form of cancer while he was in high school, I understand his hesitations. I’m now looking at ceramic and silicone cookware. I love the look of ceramic, but I know I’d manage to break it whether in the kitchen or during a subsequent move. I also tend to drop bakeware while sifting through piles in the kitchen cupboards, and if it were silicone, I wouldn’t risk waking anyone up or dropping it on a delicate toe. I admittedly also have this visual of giant blobs of brightly-colored silicone bursting forth with a subtle POP! toward my face, and at the moment, the vision gives me the giggles. Sometimes, in my world, that’s enough to make it worth a shot.

Edit: I keep forgetting that ceramic-coated aluminum exists and is likely a fine substitute. But my dreams of a neon-tinted silicone waterfall will not be dried up! My kitchen shall be a playpen, and the bakeware the ballpit. Except I won’t pee on the muffin pans.