Yeah, I know, it’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted. Why?

  1. Finished final exams (one A and two B+’s, not too shabby),
  2. Moved out of apartment,
  3. Flew to LA,
  4. Got sick as hell.

As much as I’d rather not be sick while on vacation, there’s something comforting about being sick while staying with my mother. I was up for hours last night before hobbling into her room, curled up in my grandmother’s afghan, and timidly poking her awake because I didn’t know where the thermometer was. And instead of giving me a thermometer, she pulled me into bed with her, cuddled me, and ran her fingers through my hair until I fell asleep in her arms. I may be 25, but at that moment I was 6 and thoroughly at peace with mommy time.

Now I’m back to being a whiny brat with a tissue perpetually stuffed up my nose. If swallowing didn’t hurt so much, I’d be eating buckets of food. Hot water with lemon and a bit of honey, however, is bliss.

Unfortunately, this illness means I will be blowing off a number of friends on this trip. I’m already flaky enough without having to throw a weak immune system into the mix. Oof, time to refresh the tissue.

At least now I have time to catch up on my favorite blogs and look at design inspiration for the new apartment. No, I don’t have one yet, but my old favorite is back on the market with no other interested customers. Jake will be driving up to Burlington on Friday to see it for me and send me photos. I trust his in-person judgment, as he’s a finicky-boots.

I may start posting pictures of creative inspiration or linking to DIY-project posts. I already have big dreams of repainting my desk dusty blue, dull turquoise, or perhaps even a sunshine yellow or orange, depending on the apartment’s lighting and flooring. I also recently found a red felt squirrel that I received from Miss Taylor; I think he belongs on a cozy throw pillow.

Don't you agree?