Tomorrow I get to tour a one-bedroom apartment just one block from downtown AND within my price range! The building is over 150 years old and built with solid beams that the workers had to carry one at a time. They were concerned with the strength of the building, wanting to construct something that would last. However, they were less concerned with one small detail — perpendicular lines.

The building TILTS.

It took a minute for us to notice, mostly when we discovered our equilibriums were feeling slightly off. It’s Burlington’s Mystery Spot, and soon, it may be mine. Of course, I still have to tour the place. Minor detail.

Glad to finally be moving out. Had an ugly discussion with one of the roommates last night, who tried to gouge me for $500 that I did not owe her. I won’t get into details (I’m trying to learn respect, even on the internet), but suffice it to say, it was a ridiculous, highly antagonistic request, and it smelled like a shakedown. Any desire I had to keep in contact with these two has been thoroughly washed down the sink.

I will miss the kitties, though.