Five foods and goodies I will learn to make soon:

  • beef boeuf, you jackass bourguignon
  • caramel & sea salt brownies
  • black bean & avocado eggs benedict ( + avocado hummus, cilantro hollandaise)
  • corned beef hash
  • pad thai

Five foods/goodies I got damn good at making this year:

  • poached eggs
  • baked goat cheese dip
  • shredded barbecue beef
  • salad dressings (white peach balsamic, in particular)
  • guacamole

Five foods/goodies I still need to perfect:

  • cranberry cream cheese
  • Kahlua & cinnamon brownies
  • street tacos
  • home fries
  • crab cakes

Five paired/threesome obsessions:

  • poached egg, garlic-parmesan toast, avocado
  • home fries, peach-ginger-habenero hot sauce
  • banana bread, cranberry cream cheese
  • artichoke dip, lemon slice
  • grilled chicken, white cheddar, apricot dijon (panini)