It only took me a year, but I can successfully cross off three (four?) goals from my little list:

  1. Play a zombie. Late last summer I had the opportunity to attend a zombie pub crawl in Whittier, CA with a couple of friends. I whipped up some homemade, oozing blood (the recipe involved corn syrup, flour, red and yellow food coloring — very sticky and didn’t harden well), tore up some old clothing, slathered my face in pale white and light yellow-green makeup, and sprayed my hair every way but down. Then the three of us ravenously scarfed down medium-rare steaks and chugged a few beers to get into character and stumbled down the street to the party. We managed to startle a few grown men along the way. The atmosphere was electric: a hoard of zombies lurching down the sidewalks, music pouring out of bars and shops, strangers asking to take pictures and offering free pints, and by the end of the night, a bunch of drunks growling at each other (erm, okay, that may have been mostly me). I vaguely remember winning a screamed-argument with a sexist in a bar.
  2. Move to New England. I was accepted to the MBA program at the University of Vermont with an amazing scholarship (full tuition, plus monthly stipend in exchange for grading a few papers), so I moved to Burlington in late August of 2010. It didn’t take long for autumn to hit, and winter followed shortly thereafter…and refused to leave. It’s now early May and we still get the occasional snow fall. All in all, it’s a peaceful, lovely place, but I miss having a big city nearby. Also, this town is shit at cooking Mexican food.
  3. Fall in love again. Cue “awwwwww!”s. Yeah, I met a good one. We’ve been together for eight months now and are still going strong. He came home with me at Christmas to meet my very extended family (meaning, parents and gobs of friends). He attends Dartmouth, is pursuing a PhD in engineering (robotics), has me on a mostly organic and localvore diet, and won’t let me kill spiders. He’s more nerd than hippie, loves his sci-fi shows, and invents at least three new things a day (no joke). Also, he dotes over me. I thought I would hate that, but I suppose it’s something to which one can easily become accustomed. It also helps that, when he works, he is FULLY involved, so even though we practically live together, I still get a lot of me-time. And when I need him, he very willingly puts everything aside and gives me his full attention. I don’t think I’ve abused that…yet.
  4. Make moonshine. Eh, it doesn’t really count, but I’ve started brewing beer. Okay, so I’ve only made two batches, and in both cases I was just following the direction of a friend, but it was a lot of fun. When I get more settled into a place (probably in a few years), I’ll consider investing in the equipment and start my own brewing on a more regular basis.

I hope to keep up with this blog over the summer. I’m in my last week of exams, getting ready to move to Hanover for a few months to work on an organic farm (another goal to cross off!). Friday I’ll be in LA again for three weeks, hoping to see beloved friends and gorging myself on Mexican food. Jake (the boyfriend) will be visiting the second week of my trip and will be attending a close friend’s wedding with me. Oh, and we’ll be meeting my dad’s new girlfriend. Yeah. Girlfriend. He hasn’t had one of those since…well, my mom was the last, and they divorced in ’93. So this is strange for me, but he’s so giddy every time he talks about her that it’s hard for me not to get excited for him. I just hope she doesn’t turn into the Disney evil stepmother. Childish fear, I know, but still present.

Time to get back to studying corporate finance. It’s more interesting than it sounds, but only by a tad.